【講座公告】12/17(六) 1430-1730 Lives from Perantauan / 徙居:印尼移工在台散記於赤子 justkids。歡迎參加 !

地點 Location


新竹市東前街55號(入口在武昌街112巷)/ No.55 Dongqian St., East Dist., Hsinchu City.

時間 Date

2022年12月17日14:30-17:30 / December 17 (Sat), 2022, 14:30-17:30


*The event includes an opening gig by Indonesian musician Ang Wang, please join us on time. Simultaneous Mandarin-English interpretation is provided for non-mandarin audiences.

[Fall 2022 Lecture Series: Border Politics, State Logistics, and Precarious Zones No. 5]

活動簡介 Event Description


請您來聽印尼勞工徙居台灣的故事。一位印尼船員兼音樂人,和三位文化工作者,帶來旅人們的日常、感受和表達:生活的顛簸、兄弟情誼、信念和鄉愁——印尼音樂人王哥,將現場演出新單曲。在印尼移工社群田野裡沈浸多年的吳庭寬藍雨楨江婉琦將分享他/她們近期備受矚目的創作:2022年加拿大溫哥華的台灣文化節(TAIWANfest Vancouver)和東港印尼漁工社群共同創作的展覽「西拉圖拉米」(Silaturahmi),以及新近出版的議題之作《移工怎麼都在直播》(木馬文化出版)。

Perantauan is an Indonesian term widely used to describe working class people migrating to foreign land. Merantau (act of journeying) is a temporal life and perantau (journeyer) are those who are trying their best to stay connected with lives at their homeland.

This event will untangle the stories of perantau (migrant workers) in Taiwan. We invited three cultural activists and an Indonesian fisherman and musician to have a dialogue with audiences about daily lives, feelings and expressions of perantau in Taiwan: life uncertainties, brotherhoods, beliefs, and longing for home. Ang Wang, an Indonesian fisher and musician in Taiwan, will give a solo performance of his own songs. Speakers who have spent years on the field of migrant worker groups will share their recent cultural productions. Wu Tingkuan and Lan Yuchen will introduce their latest curation and collaboration with FOSPI “Silaturahmi: Stories of Indonesian Community in Tangkáng”, an art exhibition held this year at TAIWANfest in Vancouver, Canada. Jiang Wanci will give a talk about her latest book Why Migrant Workers Love Live Streaming (《移工怎麼都在直播》).

Part I ——現場演出 Solo Performance

王哥 Ang Wang


Ang Wang was born in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia. He is a songwriter, band musician, a former member of “Pasukan Hore” in Tangkang, and a fisherman. He has worked in Tangkang for more than 17 years. He played Tarling songs, while his favorite band is Slank.

Part II ——「西拉圖拉米」——東港印尼海員的藝術共創與社群實踐

SILATURAHMI: Community Making and Art Practices by the Indonesian Fisher’s Community, Tangkang.

講者 Speakers: 吳庭寬Wu Tingkuan藍雨楨 Lan Yuchen

吳庭寬、藍雨楨將分享在2022年加拿大溫哥華的台灣文化節(TAIWANfest Vancouver)和東港印尼漁工社群共同創作的展覽「西拉圖拉米」(Silaturahmi)——意為連結情誼與維繫關係。透過和船員共同創作展覽的過程,探索船員如何在異鄉建造社群,彼此扶持互助、學習包容差異,和在地社會互動,身體力行「西拉圖拉米」理念,延續共享與共好的展望。

“Silaturahmi: Stories of Indonesian Community in Tangkáng” is an art exhibition held at this year’s TAIWANfest in Vancouver, Canada, created in collaboration with Indonesian fishers’ communities and local Taiwanese cultural workers WU Tingkuan and LAN Yuchen. “Silaturahmi” means “connecting and mending ties of relationships.” The concept reflects the ethos and aspiration of the fishers’ community in Tangkáng: to support each other, accept differences, and learn to interact with the local society. In this event the speakers will share the stories of communities making and the artistic process, and how the fishers practice “Silaturahmi” to forge solidarity and new connections in Taiwan.

Part III ——「移工生命中那些小小的煩惱」

Little sorrows in the life of migrant workers

講者 Speaker: 江婉琦 Jiang Wanci


Four years after knowing my Indonesian friend, she told me that the reason she came to Taiwan was to escape from the failure of her past marriage and love affairs. In the mainstream narrative on media, migrant workers are usually described as either "inspiring and touching" or “miserable and pitiful”. Though I am not a researcher, I started to ask my Indonesian friends about the ordinary and little sorrows in their lives. The sorrows about love, lack of confidence, and troubles of life. I have even asked the gods, what should we do?

講者簡介 Speaker Bios

吳庭寬,藝文工作者,畢業於國立政治大學廣告學系,現居高雄。關注馬來群島,尤其是印尼移工的藝文實踐,他試圖透過田野調查、建檔與藝術協作,探索勞/移動背後的歷史事實,並發展外於主流敘事的論述。自2015年年底開始,陸續在高雄、屏東、澎湖等地港口進行田野調查,並與印尼船員社群展開協作關係。他曾主持2019年「Trans/Voices Project : Indonesia-Taiwan」、2020年「速寫新加坡-文學交流與書寫計畫」。2021年,高雄市勞工博物館「Jalan-Jalan移路相伴:高屏地區移動人權特展」協同策展人。

Ting-Kuan Wu is a cultural activist based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He graduated from the College of Communication, at National Chengchi University. With a strong interest in the Malay Archipelago, especially in Indonesian migrant workers’ art and cultural practices, he explores the historical truths behind labour and migration, expanding the narrative with more perspectives and developing new knowledge through research, archiving, and art collaborations. Since late 2015, he has been doing fieldwork and building collaborative relationships with Indonesian fishers’ communities in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Penghu, and more. He was the project coordinator of the “Trans/Voices Project: Indonesia-Taiwan” (2019) and “Sketching Singapore – Literary Exchange & Writing Project” (2020). He was also the co-curator of “Jalan-Jalan: Be with You Along The Way” (2021-2022), which deals with the human rights of migrants in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, and was exhibited in the Kaohsiung Museum of Labor.

藍雨楨,藝文工作者,自由撰稿人,清華大學人類所碩士。2012年起從事音樂、影像的跨國藝術計劃策劃。2017年起,從事印尼萬隆進行社會運動與藝術行動之田野調查,此後,持續以獨立研究者/藝文工作者身份進入不同田野領域,透過書寫與藝文策展,拓展台灣與馬來群島、南島(原住民)的議題和藝術連結。2019年起共同發起Trans/Voices Project(2019-至今),關注印尼移工的藝文實踐與社群建造。

Yu-Chen Lan is a cultural worker and freelance writer. While conducting ethnographic fieldwork on urban art activism in Bandung, Indonesia (2017-2019), she was inspired to continue initiating socially-engaged art projects such as the Trans/Voices Project (2019-present). This project is a platform connecting Taiwan and Indonesia that explores migrant workers’ issues, mainly the cultural and artistic scenes, labour conditions, and community building.


Wan-ci Jiang was born in 1997 in Tainan. She is an INFJ and the Reflector in the Human Design System. She accessed SEA migrant workers and the topic of migration since 2015. She has a talent for observing the world with curiosity. In order to conduct the fieldwork, she has once been to the Tainan Luerhmen Mazu Temple for divination. After throwing eleven “sacred combinations”, she was appointed by the goddess Mazu and became Mazu’s fairy. Currently, she works as a freelance writer. Recently, she published a book titled Why Migrant Workers Love Live Streaming (《移工怎麼都在直播》).